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Redefining ADCs for Software-as-a-Service

Redefining ADCs for Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and external-facing Web applications differ from internal enterprise applications; consequently, they place different demands on application delivery controllers.

Whereas traditional enterprises look for an ADC that supports a wide cross section of applications, SaaS providers place greater value on how an ADC can benefit one application or service. Where enterprise IT may configure an application and not touch it for a year, SaaS providers need new features and continuous tuning in order to maintain a competitive edge. For enterprises with a stable user base, scalability means picking a right-sized solution; while for a SaaS provider experiencing exponential growth, scalability means selecting a solution that cost-effectively meets requirements both today and in the future.

To support the unique needs of SaaS providers, selection and development criteria for ADCs must be redefined with a focus on scalability, adaptability, affordability and simplicity.


Array's SpeedCore® architecture delivers industry-leading scalability for Layer-7 traffic management and SSL encryption from the entry-level to the high-end. Executing Layer-7 policies and SSL features in the kernel, Array ADCs ensure that advanced traffic management never impacts performance or scalability.


Array's software-centric SpeedCore architecture does not rely on custom silicon; new application delivery features are rapidly adopted and deployed with full performance via commercially available multi-processing technology. Array's eCloud™ API provides integration with the OpenStack load balancing-as-a-service (LBaaS) API and supports integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO), Microsoft System Center and proprietary cloud operating systems.


Array ADCs are up to 50% less expensive and up to 75% more cost efficient for SSL TPS vs. alternative ADCs. Array's virtual ADCs enable subscription licensing and pay-as-you-grow pricing that aligns costs in proportion to customer demand.


Array ADCs maintain an extensive library of Layer-7 policies that may be combined and nested via simple CLI or WebUI commands to enable custom functionality, without requiring time-consuming, complex and error prone scripting.

Accelerating Software-as-a-Service


Accelerating Software-as-a-Service


A well-tuned app delivery architecture and a ubiquitous Internet connection usually deliver a seamless user experience for SaaS applications. However, there are always exceptions. Whether due to distance, bandwidth constraints or high-volume traffic, there may be a need to accelerate application performance. Array aCelera WAN Optimization Controllers are an ideal complement to our SaaS-oriented ADCs, giving SaaS providers the ability to deploy either physical or virtual appliances or mobile clients to cost-effectively ensure a high-performance user experience.

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We selected Array’s APV Series application delivery controllers because they enhance our software offering and allow our customers to increase productivity without sacrificing patient care or security.

Matthew Lewis

Director of IT, eClinicalWorks

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