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Holistic Multi-Layer Web Application Security

Holistic Multi-Layer Web Application Security

Web-based business processes, transactions and interactions are experiencing exponential growth; while this is a good thing in terms of driving productivity and opening up new revenue opportunities, the flip side is the potential for increased risk and exposure.

Today's businesses need a holistic approach – 360° application security – that addresses all potential attack vectors at multiple levels, and does so in a coordinated manner using an architecture that will cost-effectively scale to meet the needs of a growing business.

Holistic 360° Architecture
Leverage the combined strengths of ADC, SSL VPN, WAF and NGFW solutions
Multi-Layer Defense In-Depth
Protect against attack and data leakage at every level, from Layer-1 to Layer-7

Visibility Into SSL Traffic
Decrypt and inspect SSL traffic before it reaches applications and servers
Security Without Compromise
Enable compute-intensive security functions without impacting performance

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