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WAN Optimization for the Cloud, Datacenter, Branch and Remote Worker

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WAN optimization accelerates enterprise applications, improves backup and recovery times and reduces bandwidth and infrastructure costs by prioritizing business-critical functions, applying intelligent compression algorithms to site-to-site and mobile traffic and eliminating the transmission of redundant data across wide area networks.

Leveraging stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single instance store, traffic prioritization and network, application and TCP optimizations, Array WAN optimization solutions mitigate the effects of limited bandwidth, high latency, packet loss and network congestion to improve application response times by more than 50x and reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 95%.

Array WAN Series WAN optimization controllers also enable data backup and replication acceleration which mitigates long backup windows due to chatty protocols through data differencing and reduction algorithms that reduce traffic and round trips over the WAN. In addition, only newly changed data is sent across the WAN, further reducing bandwidth requirements through replication acceleration.

Accelerate WAN Performance

Accelerate the performance of enterprise applications, file shares, Web content, email and voice and video across the WAN by prioritizing and compressing application traffic and eliminating transmission of redundant data across the network.

Reduce Costs while Improving UX

Reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs by deploying WAN optimization in place of remote and distributed servers. User experience (UX) is assured with up to 95% reduction in response times accessing remote files and applications.

Achieve Backup/Replication Goals

Low bandwidth, high latency, network contention, and packet loss on the WAN can interfere with an enterprise’s ability to quickly and efficiently achieve recovery-time objective (RTO) and recovery-point objective (RPO) goals. WAN optimization reduces data backup and replication times by more than 90%, which subsequently reduces bandwidth requirements and frees it for other uses.

Assure Business Continuity

Business continuity is assured by reducing the bandwidth requirements for backup and replication, and by reducing time-consuming incremental backups.

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Flexible Options for WAN Optimization

A range of flexible Array WAN optimization solutions are available to cost-effectively improve WAN connectivity in almost any environment where performance across the WAN is a critical factor. Physical or virtual appliances, or software for Windows servers and devices, may be deployed as needed to deliver LAN-like performance from anywhere, to anywhere.

Deploying WAN Series for Business Continuity

WAN Series physical appliances and software for cloud and virtualized environments are symmetrically deployed at data centers, remote and branch offices and mirrored sites. All WAN Series solutions can be configured to support high availability – as is commonly required in business continuity environments – and improve the performance of today’s leading backup and replication solutions, such as Dell EqualLogic, IBM Tivoli Fast Back and Storage Manager, NetApp SnapMirror and many others. A critical component to a successful backup and replication plan, WAN Series WAN optimization solutions can assist your business continuity and disaster recovery efforts by accelerating storage backup, replication and recovery in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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I chose aCelera for several reasons. Number one was performance. Number two was service and support. And number three was price – the aCelera virtual appliance costs significantly less than the competition.

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IT Manager, Boots & Coots

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