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Availability, Performance & Security

Array Networks improves application availability, performance and security – optimizing traffic from any cloud or data center to any user, anywhere while minimizing cost and complexity. Proven at over 5000 customers, Array is recognized by leading cloud providers and enterprises for next-generation technology and unmatched price-performance.

Whether you need to optimize and gain control over enterprise applications, securely scale cloud services or implement applications and services within a next-generation cloud orchestration framework, Array Networks has you covered. Our virtual and physical load balancing, acceleration and security solutions deliver the flexibility, scalability and advanced features essential in today’s dynamic network environments.

Backed by nearly 15 years of proven reliability at large cloud providers, enterprises of every size and a broad range of public-sector organizations, Array Networks has established an unmatched reputation for next-generation technology, superior price-performance and customer-focused service and support.

To learn how Array Networks can help with your evolving application delivery networking needs, call us today at 1-866-MY-ARRAY or email

Powered by SpeedCore®

SpeedCore is a 64-bit next-generation software architecture that allows Array products to take advantage of advances in CPU design to provide cost-effective scalability and the agility to address complex and high-performance application delivery networking requirements.

SpeedCore’s CPU-based environment allows Array to rapidly introduce new features and enhancements without compromising performance or scalability, and without requiring hardware upgrades or replacement. Quickly add new functions and customizations with simple, non-disruptive software updates.

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Over 5000 Deployments Worldwide

With operations spanning the US, Europe, China, Japan and India, Array Networks technologies are proven at many of the world's top cloud service providers, banks, healthcare providers, retailers, high-tech companies and public sector organizations. With a uniquely scalable product portfolio, Array delivers superior technology and unmatched value for any size business.

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