Tablet Access

Array tablet access solutions securely publish enterprise applications for use on mobile devices. Whether your applications run on desktop PCs, laptops, virtual infrastructure or terminal servers, Array’s tablet access solution enables identity-based access from any mobile device to specific enterprise applications in a manner that streamlines the user experience while improving security and enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Allow workers to use tablets and smart phones to work either remotely or in the office
  • Enable access to business applications from mobile devices without exposing the corporate network and without the risk of data leakage
  • Make existing enterprise applications available on mobile devices to address a lack of native mobile applications for business
  • Eliminate the need for IT to support multiple mobile devices, platforms and versions
  • Quickly and cost-effectively enable a tablet access strategy


  • Remote desktop for enabling workers to access their office PCs, laptops, virtual desktops and applications from any device, anywhere
  • Proxy architecture and RDP over SSL for allowing applications to be used from anywhere without the data leaving the corporate network
  • Deliver any application on desktop PCs, laptops, virtual desktops and terminal servers to a secure mobile app on tablets and smart phones
  • Remote desktop mobile app compatible with any iOS or Android version and platform
  • Scalable appliance-based solution that is easy to deploy, manage and use


tablet accessSecure Tablet Access to Enterprise Desktop Applications

Security and a lack of native mobile apps for business are two of the largest hurdles to enterprise mobility. Although native apps for business are increasing in number, most enterprise applications still run in more traditional environments such as on desktop PCs, laptops, virtual infrastructure or terminal servers. With the unique ability to mobilize these desktop applications, Array DesktopDirect™ allows organizations to quickly deploy tablet access solutions leveraging existing infrastructure.

In addition to mobilizing enterprise desktop applications, DesktopDirect also guards against attack and data leakage by leveraging a reverse proxy architecture that keeps mobile devices off the network. Because mobile devices connect to the DesktopDirect appliance over a secured SSL connection and because users access applications using remote desktop, data never leaves the corporate network and never resides on tablets and smart phones.

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Mobilize Any Application

While mobility and native enterprise applications are experiencing rapid growth, the majority of applications workers use every day to be productive are found on traditional Windows desktops and servers. Because physical or virtual application environments are provided to all employees, the DesktopDirect solution can enable tablet access enterprise-wide, without the need for additional hardware, software or application licenses.

Eliminate Data Leakage

DesktopDirect is an appliance-based solution that is enterprise owned and operated; unlike managed services, it is under full IT control and does not open the corporate network to third-parties. Connectivity from tablets is encrypted over SSL and the Array appliance acts as a secure proxy, preventing tablets from connecting directly to the corporate network. Because tablets are kept “off-network”, the security and compliance of office resources is maintained and the potential for attack is eliminated. Because users remotely control office desktops and applications, data never leaves the corporate network, never exists on tablets and never mixes with personal data - fully eliminating the potential for data leakage.

Use Any Mobile Device

DesktopDirect supports remote desktop and application access from any iOS or Android tablet or smart phone. Deploying DesktopDirect, businesses gain a complete solution that enables tablet access and drives business productivity in addition to supporting freedom of choice for employees. IT does not have to support multiple platforms and OS versions and does not have to worry about purchasing or developing applications for multiple mobile environments.

Reduce Complexity

Repurchasing or redeveloping enterprise applications for every mobile platform and version is time and cost prohibitive, as is scaling virtualization to serve the needs of every employee. DesktopDirect is an ideal complement to existing native mobile app solutions and supports any mix physical or virtual desktops and applications. In this manner, existing infrastructure is maximized, the need for additional hardware and software is minimized and businesses can expand investments in native mobile apps and virtualization in an intelligent and cost-conscious manner. What’s more, the DesktopDirect solution can be set up in as little as a few hours and can achieve ROI in the time it takes to deploy other solutions.

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