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Next-generation standards are quickly becoming a reality and a requirement for enterprise and service provider networks. Find out how Array can help your organization transition to 2048-bit SSL, get IPv6 ready and deploy the latest in mobility solutions for workforce productivity and business continuity.

  • Workforce Productivity

    Today, secure remote access must support the increased demands of productivity, mobility and business continuity; employees want to work anywhere, on any device, under any circumstance. Where traditional VPNs fall short, Array remote access and mobility solutions provide the security, scalability and flexibility needed to affordably mitigate business disruptions and boost employee productivity enterprise-wide.
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  • Business Continuity

    Business continuity events have the potential to easily overwhelm typical remote access solutions. Traditional VPNs do not scale in terms of ease-of-use, security, and on-demand capacity, and too often let businesses down when the solution is needed most. In contrast, Array remote access and mobility solutions are built to meet the increased requirements of enterprise business continuity planning.
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