Secure Mobile Access

The two largest challenges to enterprise mobility are security and a lack of business-oriented native applications. Array’s secure mobile access solutions mobilize existing Windows and enterprise desktop applications and provide application-level connectivity for native mobile applications in a manner that keeps data secure on the corporate network and provides access without the need for network-level VPN connectivity.


  • Enable access to business applications from mobile devices without exposing the corporate network and without the risk of data leakage
  • Make existing enterprise applications available on mobile devices to address a lack of native mobile applications for business
  • Streamline mobile access to physical desktop applications and applications hosted in multi-vendor virtual environments
  • Maintain security and compliance when providing connectivity for native mobile business applications


  • Proxy architecture and RDP over SSL for allowing applications to be used from anywhere without the data leaving the corporate network
  • Deliver any application on desktop PCs, laptops, virtual desktops and terminal servers to a secure mobile app on smart phones and tablets
  • Unified secure mobile access gateway for consistent policies, management efficiency and a single, seamless end-user experience
  • Application-level secure access to native apps that does not expose the corporate network


Secure Mobile Access to Enterprise Applications

Traditional VPNs give remote users full access to the corporate network. Securing VPN access requires protections on remote devices and configurations that restrict access only to authorized resources. This works for managed laptops, but demand for mobile access and bring your own device is creating new complexities with respect to infrastructure, security and operations.

Mobility is driven primarily by apps. While the number of mobile apps for business will continue to grow, most enterprises are driven by Windows applications. To address security and the immediate need for mobile access to business applications, a growing number of organizations are delivering applications from laptops, desktop PCs, virtual desktops and terminal servers to mobile devices.

Array secure mobile access solutions provide secure connectivity to Windows applications from tablets and smart phones without the need for VPN connectivity and without the need for personal devices to be present on the corporate network. An Array gateway on the corporate network connects to laptops, desktop PCs, virtual desktops and terminal servers on the backend and proxies applications over an SSL connection to a secure Array mobile app on tablets and smart phones.

Secure Mobile Access

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Leveraging Array’s secure mobile access solution, sensitive data remains protected on the enterprise network and is accessible anytime, anywhere. In addition, for businesses using a range of technologies to host Windows applications, Array consolidates mobile access on a unified architecture to deliver consistent security policies, greater operational efficiency and a seamless end-user experience.

For secure connectivity to native mobile applications, application-level SSL connections can be enabled by way of integrating with Array APIs as a part of the application development process. Where integration is not an option, Array’s mobile VPN may be used in conjunction with mobile device management to provide a level of secure connectivity for native apps.


Desktop Applications

Applications and resources residing on physical desktops are published to mobile devices in a manner that keeps personal tablets and smart phones off the network. Data leakage is prevented without the need for MDM solutions. Automated self-provisioning and power management ease deployment and ensure applications are available when and where they are needed.

Virtual Applications

Applications and desktops residing on Microsoft Terminal Servers or virtualized VMware and Citrix infrastructure are published to mobile devices in a manner that keeps personal tablets and smart phones off the network. Data leakage is prevented without the need for MDM solutions. Gateway consolidation improves security, operational efficiency and the user experience.

Native Mobile Applications

Array’s lightweight mobile API can be integrated with native mobile apps during development to create app-specific mobile VPNs. Connecting at the application level, personal tablets and smart phones are kept off the network and corporate data is containerized within individual business apps. App-specific VPNs are fully compatible and complementary with third-party MDM solutions.

Where development integration is not an option, Array’s mobile VPN may be used to provide encrypted connectivity for mobile devices. Mobile VPN allows personal tablets and smart phones on the network; to ensure security and guard against data leakage, mobile device management and mobile information management solutions are strongly recommended.

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