Secure Cloud Access

For cloud operators growing their business, Array’s secure cloud access solution is ideal for managing backend customer and service networks at distributed points-of-presence. In addition to providing partitioned secure access for operators and their customers, Array’s secure cloud access solution enables customer-facing administration portals and cloud management system integration for automating and streamlining service provisioning.


  • Enable secure remote access to distributed data centers and points-of-presence that meets the needs of both cloud providers and their
  • Isolate network segments to meet the security and compliance requirements of cloud providers and their customers
  • Provide secure remote access that does not consume bandwidth dedicated to customer services
  • Meet the space, power, consolidation, integration and automation requirements of distributed cloud data centers and points of presence


  • Unified gateway that gives providers secure remote access to backend service networks and allows customers to securely manage cloud services
  • Virtual portals and VLAN tagging for separating provider and customer networks in multi-tenant environments
  • Out-of-band customer connectivity for performing management tasks and transferring data
  • Secure access gateways, available as software for virtualized environments, designed for ease-of-integration with cloud management systems


Secure Cloud Access to Customer and Back-End Service Networks

Array secure cloud access solutions allow cloud operators to manage back-end systems by providing secure access to their private network segments at distributed data centers and points-of-presence. The secure cloud access solution also allows cloud operators to provide customers with secure portals from which to manage their account and services.

The solution partitions operator networks from public customer networks, and provides network separation between customers for service management within multi-tenant environments. Moreover, the secure cloud access solution provides out-of-band connectivity that allows customer administrators to perform management tasks and transfer data without sacrificing bandwidth to their services.

Engineered to provide scalable secure access in multi-tenant environments at distributed data centers, Array secure cloud access solutions are field-proven to support thousands of individual customers within cloud operator points-of-presence. Able to meet customer requirements for data security and regulatory compliance, and provide the management integration and scalability required by cloud operators, Array secure cloud access solutions are ideal for IaaS and SaaS providers seeking to offer a seamless customer experience and benefit from the cost benefits of service automation.

Secure Cloud Access

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