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Secure Access

Enterprise-Class, Mobile-Enabled, Cloud-Ready Secure Access

In today’s world of mobility, cloud-computing and business-to-business interdependence, traditional firewalls are just a first line of defense. For business-critical resources and applications, zero-trust models are needed that hold all users to uniform security standards. Array secure access solutions create centralized enforcement points for enterprise and service provider networks that ensure security and connect authenticated users with authorized resources anytime, anywhere.


  • Enterprise Remote Access

    Array enterprise remote access solutions deliver scalable secure access and remote desktop services for employees, partners, guests and customers on a single high-performance appliance, providing a secure perimeter for business applications from which identity-based access can be extended to any user, anywhere.

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  • Secure Mobile Access

    The two largest challenges to enterprise mobility are security and the lack of native mobile applications for business. Array’s secure mobile access solution mobilizes existing Windows-centric enterprise applications – and provides connectivity for future native apps – in a manner that keeps data secure within the protected corporate network and provides access without the need for VPN connectivity.

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  • Secure Cloud Access

    For cloud operators expanding their service offerings and growing their global presence, Array’s secure cloud access solutions are ideal for managing backend customer and service networks at distributed data centers. In addition to providing partitioned secure access for operators and their customers, secure cloud access enables customer-facing admin portals and cloud management system integration for automating and streamlining service provisioning.

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