Remote Desktop Access

Mitigating risks associated with business continuity events and realizing gains through higher employee productivity are driving increased demand for remote desktop access. While traditional VPNs are well suited for giving remote access to employees with managed laptops, they are not as adept at supporting office workers who are issued desktop PCs, terminals, workstations or virtual desktops.


Enterprise-Wide Remote Desktop Access

Array’s remote desktop access solution leverages proven remote desktop protocol (RDP) and SSL technologies to allow workers to remotely connect to office PCs from any device, anywhere and at any time. No additional laptops, software or training are required; remote access can be cost-effectively scaled for as many workers as needed from a single appliance. What’s more, because data never leaves the network, security is assured.

Mitigate Business Disruptions

Business continuity events are not the time to purchase, deploy or activate remote access capability. Business continuity remote desktop access must seamlessly scale to support burst usage without IT intervention and without helpdesk support. Array’s remote desktop access solution scales to support thousands of users on a single system with zero IT intervention, ensures compliance is maintained during business continuity events and provides a seamless experience for first-time users. In addition, affordable contingency licenses provide a cost-effective means to support burst usage to accommodate additional users during an event.

Remote Desktop Access

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Increase Worker Productivity

Increasing employee productivity goes hand-in-hand with maintaining and gaining a competitive advantage. Array’s remote desktop access solution securely and cost-effectively enables office workers to be productive before and after work and on weekends. In addition, it guards against productivity loss caused by unanticipated occurrences such as a sick child, home deliveries, repairs and car trouble. Empowering office employees to work anytime, anywhere, Array's remote desktop access solutions are an affordable solution for rapidly increasing business productivity and competitive advantage.



  • Enable a majority of office workers to be productive before and after work and on weekends
  • Guard against revenue and productivity loss caused by unanticipated events such as a sick child, deliveries, repairs or natural disasters
  • Scale remote access without the cost and complexity associated with traditional VPNs

  • Support remote access enterprise-wide without the risk of providing network-level connectivity to hundreds or thousands of remote and mobile devices


  • Remote desktop protocol (RDP) solution that allows to employees to work from anywhere, just as though they were sitting at their desk in the office
  • Contingency licenses that provide for cost-effective burst business continuity remote access
  • Intuitive remote desktop solution that eliminates the need for VPN-related expenses such as licenses, laptops, security software, bandwidth and training
  • Proxy architecture and RDP over SSL for allowing applications to be used from anywhere without data leaving the corporate network


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