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Secure Mobile Access to Enterprise Applications

Array secure mobile access solutions address the technology challenges of mobile and remote access, as well as the business challenges of bring your own device (BYOD), to securely and cost-effectively mobilize operations for enhanced enterprise productivity. Regardless where your users are or what device they are on, Array mobility solutions provide instant access to enterprise applications without the risk of attack or data leakage.


  • Tablet Access

    Because traditional enterprise applications outnumber newly developed mobile apps for business, mobility solutions must address the need to ‘mobilize’ desktop and Windows-centric applications. Array’s mobile access solution is uniquely capable of extending applications on PCs, laptops, virtual desktops and terminal servers to tablets and smart phones without the risk of data leakage.

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  • Bring Your Own Device

    The consumerization of IT is in full swing. Workers want tablet access to business applications, often from personal devices. Array’s BYOD solution allows the safe use of any personal device and seamlessly ‘mobilizes’ any enterprise application. Moreover, Array’s BYOD solution provides a cost-effective path to mobile access that does not expose the corporate network and fully eliminates data leakage.

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  • Remote Desktop

    Remote desktop access leverages proven, scalable and secure technologies to give employees control over their physical or virtual office desktops from anywhere - so they can intuitively get to work, even when they can't get to the office.

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  • Secure Remote Access

    Secure remote access increases business productivity by enabling employees on the go, telecommuters, extranet partners, customers and other authorized users to remotely access business critical applications and resources over a secure VPN connection.

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