Industry Solutions

Over 5000 worldwide customers have chosen Array Networks to make their applications fast, available and secure. Trusted by six of the world’s top-ten banks, eight of the world’s top-ten telecom providers, four of the world’s top-ten technology companies and over twenty percent of global two thousand companies, Array solutions have a proven track record of solving application delivery networking challenges across nearly every industry.


Financial Services

Array application delivery solutions allow financial services institutions to offer customers a superior online banking experience and provide financial services professionals the mobility they need maintain a competitive edge. Whether used to enable differentiated service offerings, enhance the customer experience, ensure business continuity or provide anytime, anywhere application access for financial services workers, Array solutions provide the security, visibility and control to meet compliance requirements and the scalability and performance to meet the needs of any size organization.


Healthcare is among the most demanding of application environments. When the well-being of patients hangs in the balance, it is essential that doctors and other healthcare practitioners get the right information at the right time, regardless of location; moreover, no exception can be made for security, privacy and compliance. Array solutions ensure the performance and availability of healthcare applications, accelerate the transmission of patient files over wide area networks and provide authorized personnel with access to patient records and applications from mobile devices and remote locations in a manner that secures private information.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce companies face multiple challenges including maintaining availability and performance, complying with government or industry regulations, safeguarding the security of business transactions and ensuring business continuity should a disruption occur. Array solutions assure availability and performance of retail and eCommerce applications and offload compute-intensive SSL processing to reduce server load. Array secure access gateways can provide day-to-day secure remote employee access, as well additional headroom to accommodate remote workers in the event of a disaster.

Telecom & Service Providers

From telecoms and mobile carriers to hosting and managed service providers to next-generation providers of infrastructure, platforms and software in the cloud, service providers have one thing in common: the need for application delivery networking solutions that ensure the performance, availability and security of data, applications and underlying network infrastructure. Designed for flexible service creation in modern data center environments, Array service provider solutions support next-generation standards and customer requirements, minimize operating and capital expenses and maximize margins and overall profitability.

Public Sector

Public sector entities, much like their private-sector counterparts, face increasing demand upon IT resources as data and processes increasingly move to the Internet. In addition, the changing nature of the workforce and workstyles requires support for anytime, anywhere, any device secure access to allow workers to maintain productivity on a day-to-day basis, or in the event of a disruption such as a disaster. Array Networks application mobility, security and performance solutions ensure the availability and integrity of government systems and public services and provide secure access tailored to the unique requirements of local, state and federal agencies.


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