Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning requires that business-critical processes continue to run and users continue to experience uninterrupted access in the event of planned and unplanned circumstances. From server load balancing, link load balancing and global server load balancing, to WAN optimization for back-up and recovery, to secure remote and mobile access, application availability solutions for business continuity planning play a critical role in guarding profitability and maintaining workforce productivity.


Load Balancing, WAN Optimization and Remote Access for Business Continuity Planning

Array business continuity planning solutions provide backup and failover for servers, WAN links and data centers to ensure applications remain up and running in the event of disruptions large or small. To ensure that applications deliver a consistent and accurate user experience from any data center, Array WAN optimization solutions facilitate rapid and frequent backup and replication of mission-critical enterprise data. In addition, if workers are unable to get to the office, Array remote access solutions support connectivity from any device, anywhere and offer flexible licensing options that make preparing for surge usage both affordable and predictable.

Business disruptions can take many forms, from equipment failures and network outages, to minor events such as sick days, to major events such as extreme weather and natural disasters. Leveraging Array business continuity planning solutions, businesses can ensure that core systems are always up and running and workers always have access to the applications and resources essential to accelerating business.

  Business Continuity Planning

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  • Ensure an uninterrupted application experience in the event one or more servers become overloaded or unresponsive
  • Maintain 24/7 connectivity between corporate networks and the Internet
  • Route requests to redundant data centers in the event of local disruptions
  • Increase the frequency of backup and replication to better mirror data and enable more seamless failover to redundant datacenters
  • Enable remote and mobile access to business applications from anywhere and any device to ensure business continuity in the event workers cannot get to their place of work


  • Server load balancing with application and server health checks for maintaining session and transaction persistence
  • ISP and link load balancing for redundant connectivity to the Internet
  • Global server load balancing for seamless fail over of application traffic to alternate data centers in the event of geographic disruptions
  • WAN optimization for accelerating data transmission across wide area networks and reducing the time necessary for backup and replication
  • Scalable, secure remote access with burst licensing for cost-effectively supporting spike usage caused by business continuity events



How Much Are You Losing?

To see how much unplanned PTOs or business continuity events may be costing your business, use our business disruption calculator. Not every employee is equally productive, but we may use averages to consider events that typically impact every worker. In virtually all instances, DesktopDirect costs far less than the monetary impact of unanticipated events.

Annual Revenue ($): Average Annual Productivty Per Employee ($):
Number of Employees: Loss for 2 Unplanned PTOs Per Employee ($):
Loss for 4 Unplanned PTOs Per Employee ($):
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