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Load Balancing, Application Delivery & WAN Optimization for Application Performance

Applications are the lifeblood of enterprise operations, spanning resource planning, human resources, customer relationships, accounting, collaboration, communication and a wide variety of additional business-critical processes. Whether hosted in the data center or in the cloud, these applications must cost-effectively scale without sacrificing reliability or the end-user experience. Array load balancing, application delivery and WAN optimization application performance solutions provide unmatched total value of ownership in making applications fast, available and secure and are engineered for the singular purpose of accelerating your business.

  • Load Balancing

    A front-end function for application and Web servers, load balancing distributes requests to reduce the burden on individual servers, ensures persistence for sessions and transactions and maintains sessions in the event that servers become unavailable. Integrated with application performance functions such as SSL offload, caching, compression, connection multiplexing and traffic management, server load balancing enables application services that are fast, available and secure.

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  • Application Availability

    Application availability requires that business-critical processes continue to run and users continue to experience uninterrupted access in the event of planned and unplanned circumstances. From server load balancing, link load balancing and global server load balancing, to WAN optimization for back-up and recovery, to remote access for business continuity, application availability solutions play a critical role in guarding profitability and maintaining workforce productivity.

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  • WAN Optimization

    Deployed at the edge of corporate networks and public and private clouds, WAN optimization utilizes compression, caching, protocol optimization and application blueprints to reduce bandwidth costs and accelerate the transmission of data over wide area networks. Able to accelerate application performance for virtually any type of traffic, WAN optimization is an ideal solution for cost-effectively connecting geographically disbursed sites with LAN-like speed.

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  • Application Acceleration

    Application acceleration improves the user experience to drive greater use and higher returns, and improves the efficiency of underlying network infrastructure to reduce capital and operational costs. Offloading compute-intensive functions from servers, enabling application-aware traffic management and optimizing the flow of traffic over wide area networks, application acceleration solutions extract maximum performance and ROI from investments in application infrastructure.

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