AG Series SSL VPNs Features

The Mobile Waters Are Fine

Array secure access gateways combine SSL VPN remote access, remote desktop access and secure mobile access to give service providers and enterprises a secure means of connecting users with productivity enhancing resources while protecting networks and applications.

Integrated SSL VPNs, remote desktop and secure mobile access

InfoSecurity 2015 Global Excellence Awards Gold Winner, New Product: MotionPro v1.0

AccessDirect, DesktopDirect and MotionPro are feature-rich SSL VPN remote access, remote desktop and secure mobile access software editions engineered for Array’s physical and virtual AG Series SSL VPN appliances, as well as the AVX Series virtualized appliances. Software editions may be purchased and deployed independently or combined to create an integrated platform that meets a diverse set of secure remote and mobile access requirements. Whether deployed as physical, virtual or virtualized SSL VPN appliances, all software editions support Array business continuity licenses to cost-effectively support burst usage as needed in the event of planned or unplanned circumstances.

AG Series Secure Access Gateway Datasheet

vxAG Virtual Secure Access Gateway Datasheet

AVX Series Virtualized Appliances Datasheet


AccessDirect DesktopDirect MotionPro
Software Edition SSL VPN Remote Access Remote Desktop Access Secure Mobile Access
SSL & IPsec Encryption
Virtual Portals 5 Included* 5 Included* 5 Included*
Web Applications
L3 VPN Client
Host Checking & Cache Cleaning
L4 Thin Client
Array Registration Technology
Wake-on-LAN (WoL)
Enterprise App Store
L3 Mobile VPN
L4 SDK Tunneling
Secure Browser
Client, App & Device Security
Additional Virtual Portals Optional Optional Optional
Array Business Continuity Optional Optional Optional
Multi-language WebUI

* AVX Series virtualized appliances require a separate pool license for total concurrent users and virtual portals.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Anytime, anywhere browser-based secure remote access, enables increased productivity for employees, partners, tenants, customers, contractors and guests
  • Simple, scalable and secure remote desktop that enables use of PCs and virtual desktops from any device in any location
  • Secure mobile access for individual native and Web applications for supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or secure access from managed smart phones and tablets
  • 256 secure access portals, customizable to the security and usability preferences of multiple tenants and communities of interest
  • Range of access methods including Web, Layer-3, thin-client and client-server connectivity
  • High-performance 2048-bit SSL encryption
  • Supports a range of AAA and dual-factor authentication schemes
  • Endpoint security including device-based identification, host-checking, cache cleaning and adaptive policies
  • Per-user policy engine for identity-based access to URLs, files, networks and applications
  • Cross-platform support for a range of devices, operating systems and browsers
  • Array Business Continuity (ABC) contingency licenses for affordably supporting surge remote access
  • Familiar CLI, intuitive WebUI and centralized management for ease of use and configuration


  • No pre-installed clients; eliminates firewall and network traversal issues common to traditional SSL VPNs
  • DesktopDirect

  • Enables all office employees to be productive before and after work and on weekends
  • Rapidly and cost-effectively enables mobility and BYOD
  • Full application availability without investing in additional licenses or duplicate environments
  • Significantly reduces possibility of data leakage because data never leaves the corporate network
  • Built-in Wake-on-LAN (WoL) power management boots up PCs on demand to reduce energy costs
  • Desktop self-registration enables easy, rapid deployment
  • MotionPro

  • On-demand per application connectivity via IPsec or SSL VPN
  • L4 SDK enables automatic secure tunnels for 3rd party apps
  • Secure browser for Web and HTML5 applications
  • Enterprise app store with automatic installation of native apps
  • Secure container stores data associated with enterprise apps to prevent data leakage
  • Client, app and device security


"Using AccessDirect SSL VPNs, we save at least a million dollars per year not having to deploy and support IPSec client software. Not only that, our end users are happier and more productive because of Array's superior performance and uncompromising security." - Bjorn-Tore Garderhagen, Product Manager, Aker Kvarner
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