AppVelocity-S™ SSL Accelerators

Bridging the Gap for ADCs

Array AppVelocity-S SSL accelerators load balance application traffic and offload SSL encryption from servers to improve application performance and reduce the number of servers required to support ecommerce and high volume secure transaction processing.

SSL Accelerators for High-Performance Secure Transaction Processing

Available for APV Series physical appliances, AppVelocity-S SSL accelerators cost-effectively drive industry-leading performance across a rich, security-enhanced ADC feature set to deliver unmatched total value of ownership. Powered by Array’s award-winning 64-bit SpeedCore™ architecture and engineered for modern data center and cloud environments, AppVelocity-S combines high-performance hardware SSL acceleration with load balancing and application acceleration to create a traffic management solution ideal for ecommerce environments and applications requiring a high-degree of secure connectivity.

APV Series Application Delivery Controller Datasheet

Highlights & Benefits

  • High-performance SSL acceleration for securing data in transit, offloading compute-intensive processes from servers and improving application performance
  • Hardware SSL accelerator supports 2048 and 4096-bit SSL encryption for alignment with NIST and certificate authority security requirements
  • Industry-leading SSL client certificate management, authentication and authorization and application integration
  • Integrated server load balancing, global server load balancing and link load balancing, connection multiplexing, caching, compression, IPv6 support, application scripting, dynamic routing, traffic shaping and Web application security
  • 99.999% application availability and up to 5X application acceleration
  • Offload Web and application servers for increased efficiency, capacity and ROI
  • IPv6, NAT64/DNS64 and SLB-PT for addressing IPv4 depletion and enabling IPv6 migration
  • ePolicy™ application scripting and eRoute™ custom routing for fine grain control of traffic
  • Application-specific certifications and guides for rapid deployment and optimized delivery of business critical applications
  • Multi-level security including a hardened OS, reverse-proxy architecture and Web application firewall for guarding applications without impacting performance
  • XML-RPC, eCloud™ APIs and OpenStack LBaaS integration for seamless interaction with cloud management systems and 3rd party monitoring solutions
  • VMware vCenter integration for dynamic resource allocation and de-allocation
  • Active-active clustering for up to 32 instances with single system image for seamless scaling and interaction between hardware and virtual appliances
  • Familiar CLI and intuitive WebUI for ease of configuration and management
  • Available for Array APV Series application delivery controller appliances and included with vAPV virtual application delivery controllers

SSL Accelerators

“The U.S. Coast Guard has been extremely impressed with the performance of Array’s SSL accelerator during lab tests, and we are confident this level of performance will carry over into the field. Array will be a vital component of the U.S. Coast Guard’s communications system and will allow us to focus on what we do best, which is to provide a high-level of maritime safety and national defense for the United States.” - Anthony McCullough, Lieutenant Implementation Team Leader, U.S. Coast Guard
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