AG Series Secure Access Gateways

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Array AG Series secure access gateways provide scalable, mobile-ready secure access to enterprise applications and cloud services for any user, anywhere on any device - protecting data while enabling true anywhere-to-anywhere connectivity.

Secure Access Gateways for Enterprise, Cloud & Mobile Environments

Secure access gateways Secure access is undergoing dramatic change. With increasing mobility, growing adoption of cloud services and a shift in thinking that favors securing data over securing networks and devices, modern enterprises require a new breed of secure access solutions. Secure access gateways centralize control over access to business critical resources, providing security for data in motion and at rest and enforcing application level policies on a per user basis.

The Array AG Series secure access gateway addresses challenges faced by enterprise, service provider and pubic-sector organizations in the areas of secure remote and mobile access to applications and cloud services. Available in a range of scalable, purpose-built appliances or as a virtual appliance for cloud and virtualized environments, the AG Series can support multiple communities of interest, connect users both in the office and on-the-go and provide access to traditional enterprise applications as well as services running in public and private clouds.

AG Series Secure Access Gateway Datasheet

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  • Web, network and application-level connectivity with high-performance 1024, 2048 and 4096-bit SSL encryption and advanced end-point and server-side security
  • Granular authentication and authorization via a per-user policy engine and a local authentication database for up to 500,000 users
  • Up to 128,000 concurrent connections and up to 3.2Gbps of SSL throughput on a single appliance


  • Up to 256 secure access gateway portals on a single system
  • Remote access portals fully separate and customizable to the security and user experience requirements of employees, partners, customers and guests
  • Centralized policy management for all users and communities to improve efficiency and consistency while minimizing attack vectors


  • Secure mobile access from iPad, iPhone and Android devices over WiFi and VPN connections
  • Remote desktop client for enabling BYOD that keeps mobile devices off the corporate network and eliminates data leakage
  • Mobile application management client for installing enterprise apps, app-level VPN connectivity, secure browsing and data containerization


  • Regulate employee access to cloud services for accountability and control
  • Single-sign on and a single user experience allow employees to seamlessly access cloud services or enterprise applications
  • Allows cloud service providers to scale by giving customers secure cloud access and management control over service offerings
  • AccessDirect

    SSL VPN Remote Access

    Available for AG Series physical and virtual appliances, AccessDirect is an enterprise-class SSL VPN remote access solution that enables anytime, anywhere secure access to business applications and resources - increasing productivity while maintaining security and compliance.

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  • DesktopDirect

    Remote Desktop Access

    Available for AG Series physical and virtual appliances, DesktopDirect is an innovative remote desktop access solution that enables employees to securely access work PCs from any location and from any device as if they were in the office.

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  • MotionPro

    Mobile Application Management

    Available for AG Series physical and virtual appliances, MotionPro is a mobile application management solution that enables BYOD and business mobility by provisioning, securing and providing access to HTML5 and native enterprise applications from tablets and smart phones.

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  • Array Business Continuity

    Contingency Licenses

    Available for AccessDirect, DesktopDirect and MotionPro on AG Series physical and virtual appliances, Array Business Continuity contingency licenses provide scalable and affordable burst capacity to meet the demands of planned and unplanned surge remote access.

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  • vxAG

    Virtual Secure Access Gateway


    Array vxAG virtual secure access gateways install on general-purpose servers running industry-standard hypervisors to provide flexible, on-demand secure remote and mobile access.

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  • AG1000

    Secure Access Gateway


    The AG1000 supports up to 300 concurrent users for providing secure remote access, remote desktop access and mobile access in small to mid-sized businesses.

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  • AG1100

    Secure Access Gateway


    The AG1100 supports up to 3000 concurrent users for providing secure remote access, remote desktop access and mobile access in small to mid-sized enterprise environments.

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  • AG1150

    Secure Access Gateway


    The AG1150 supports up to 10,000 concurrent users and multiple communities of interest for providing scalable, enterprise-class secure remote access, remote desktop access and mobile access from a single secure access platform.

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  • AG1200

    Secure Access Gateway


    The AG1200 supports up 25,000 concurrent users and up to 256 communities of interest, making it ideal for securing local, remote and mobile access for employees, partners, contractors and guests in the medium size enterprise.

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  • AG1500

    Secure Access Gateway


    The AG1500 supports up 72,000 concurrent users, 256 communities of interest and Gigabit Fiber connectivity for providing scalable, high-performance secure application access in large data centers and public and private clouds.

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  • AG1600

    Secure Access Gateway


    The AG1600 supports up 128,000 concurrent users, 256 communities of interest, 500,000 local database users, 3.2 Gbps SSL throughput and 10 Gigabit fiber for providing secure access in global enterprise and service provider environments.

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"Our primary reasons for selecting AG Series secure access gateways were scalability and performance, strength of security features, lower support costs, ability to solve secure access challenges and Array’s ability to execute quickly." - Paul Ratner, Vice President of IT Operations, Humana
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