DesktopDirect™ Remote Desktop Access

The Mobile Waters Are Fine

Available for AG Series physical and virtual appliances, DesktopDirect is an innovative remote desktop access solution that enables employees to securely access work PCs from any location and from any device as if they were in the office.

Remote Desktop Access for Mobility, Productivity & Business Continuity

In contrast to VPN connectivity, DesktopDirect remote desktop access enables workers to access physical and virtual office desktops from any remote location — whether they are at their home office, a customer or partner site or on a Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device. DesktopDirect leverages proven and scalable remote desktop technologies to deliver the industry's most secure and cost-effective solution for enabling tablet access and bring your own device strategies, increasing employee productivity and mitigating the effects of business continuity events.

AG Series Secure Access Gateway Datasheet

Highlights & Benefits

  • Users are always only three simple steps away from office desktops
  • Full application availability without investing in additional licenses or duplicate environments
  • Eliminates the possibility of data leakage because "data never leaves the corporate network"
  • Reduces reliance on VPN for remote and mobile access; keeps devices off-the-network, thereby reducing cost, complexity and risk
  • Enables all office employees to be productive before and after work and on weekends
  • Offsets productivity and revenue losses associated with unanticipated daily occurrences such as repairs, deliveries or a sick child
  • Seamlessly scales to absorb surge remote desktop access usage in the case of business continuity events
  • Rapidly and cost-effectively supports tablet access and bring your own device without the need for mobile device management
  • Built-in Wake-on-LAN (WoL) power management boots up PCs on demand to reduce energy costs
  • Device-based identification, end-point controls and anti-spyware ensure remote devices do not compromise corporate data
  • Support for both physical and virtual desktop (VDI) environments
  • Scalable to thousands of users to meet the needs of enterprises and service providers large and small
  • Familiar CLI and WebUI for ease of configuration and management
  • Desktop self-registration enables rapid and painless deployment
  • Available for Array AG 1000 Series secure access gateways and Array’s vxAG virtual secure access gateway

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"DesktopDirect not only performs to our expectations, it is also very cost-efficient, easy to implement and easy to administer. We continue to be very satisfied with Array's remote desktop access solution and the great customer support we receive." - Steven Schneider, CIO and CSO, Central Ohio Primary Care
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