Load Balancers with Advanced ADC Features

Simple Yet Powerful

Scalable yet affordable. Array load balancers come standard with advanced traffic management, acceleration and Web security. Whether deployed as physical, virtualized or virtual appliances, Array application delivery controllers provide clear value via rich, simply packaged features and benefits.

Load balancers with integrated advanced traffic management, acceleration and Web security

Load balancers – also known as application delivery controllers, application front ends or integrated traffic management appliances – improve availability, scalability, performance and security for Web, cloud and mobile applications. Advanced load balancers, such as the Array’s APV Series, also provide customizable control over application traffic and robust monitoring and reporting capabilities for the purpose of application optimization.

Array’s AppVelocity and AppVelocity-S are simple yet powerful, all-inclusive advanced load balancer feature sets available for physical, virtual and virtualized Array appliances. Identical in every other respect, AppVelocity-S includes hardware SSL and is intended for environments that require a high degree of secure transaction processing. AppVelocity is available on all APV Series physical appliances or as a vAPV virtual appliance; AppVelocity-S is available on all APV Series physical appliances and is also supported on Array’s AVX Series virtualized appliances.

APV Series Application Delivery Controller Datasheet

vAPV Virtual Application Delivery Controller Datasheet

AVX Series Virtualized Appliances Datasheet


  • Availability load balancer for application high availability

    • Ensures 99.999% application availability
    • Layer 4-7 local server load balancing distributes traffic across multiple servers to ensure applications run in their power band
    • Global server load balancing fails application requests over to redundant data centers in the event of network congestion or emergency
    • Link load balancing provides redundant ISP connectivity to mitigate link failures and to optimize for cost-efficiency
    • Certifications and configuration guides for rapid deployment and accelerated delivery of Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and other business critical applications
    • N+1 clustering for up to 32 hardware or virtual instances and stateful TCP failover for seamlessly scaling or servicing applications
  • Performance

    • Accelerates applications by up to 5x
    • SSL offloading and acceleration increases server efficiency and improves application performance
    • Caching offloads requests from servers and reduces time needed to serve Web pages and common objects
    • Compression reduces data transmitted over the Internet and wide area networks to boost application performance
    • Traffic shaping prioritizes traffic to ensure bandwidth and resource allocation for business critical applications
    • SpeedCore multicore architecture maintains system performance and user experience under heavy traffic loads with advanced features enabled

  • Security

    • 2048-bit SSL with advanced client certificate handling for secure application support and easy application integration
    • Purpose-built SSL stack, immune to Heartbleed and other OpenSSL-related vulnerabilities
    • Multi-level security including a hardened OS, reverse-proxy architecture and kernel-level Web firewall ACLs and packet filtering
    • DDoS protection against network and application level attacks, including robust caching for mitigating Layer-7 connection and DNS flood attacks
    • Integrated Web application firewall (WAF) for guarding applications under heavy traffic load without impacting system performance or the end-user experience

  • Control

    • ePolicy™ L7 application scripting and eRoute™ L4 routing methods for custom control of application traffic
    • eCloud™ API for integration with cloud management and orchestration platforms including VMware vRealize Orchestrator, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, OpenStack Load Balancing-as-a-Service (LBaaS) and home-grown cloud management platforms
    • Extensible APIs for integration with 3rd party monitoring and reporting solutions
    • Familiar CLI, intuitive WebUI and centralized management for ease of use and configuration
    • IPv6 support for IPv4 preservation, IPv4/6 translation and IPv6 migration
AppVelocity AppVelocity-S
L4-7 Local Server Load Balancer
Global Server Load Balancer
Link Load Balancer
N+1 Clustering w/ Fast Failover
SSL Offloading Software Hardware
Traffic Shaping
SpeedCore® Architecture
Purpose-Built 2048-bit SSL Encryption
Security-Hardened OS
Reverse-Proxy Architecture
WebWall® Web Firewall
DDoS Protection
Web Application Firewall
eCloud™ Cloud Orchestration API
eRoute™ L4 Routing
ePolicy™ L7 Scripting
eCloud™ SOAP API
Multi-Language WebUI


“Array Networks delivers the most cost effective load balancing solution that meets the needs of all of our clients at both ends of the user traffic spectrum with exceptional performance at an exceptional price. For our clients that need to scale their use of Branch Suite with a pool of servers, the Array provides significant cost savings in hardware, maintenance, set up, rack space and power.” - Pat Hammack, Senior Vice President of Product Development, FiServ Credit Unions
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