CMX Series Centralized Management

The Array Networks CMX100 centralized management appliance for application delivery controllers and universal access controllers is designed to help customers centrally monitor and manage the configuration of up to 100 Array Networks appliances, thereby simplifying administration and reducing costs.

Centralized Management CMX100

The CMX100 is designed to help enterprises and cloud service provider administrators efficiently monitor and manage the configuration of multiple Array Networks products from a central point. The management appliance provides an easy way to specify administrative privileges to different types of administrators and simplifies and speeds up configuration management of multiple local or geographically distributed appliances. The CMX100 provides aggregated graphical views of Array Networks products, performance, application traffic and network links. Moreover, the intuitive web browser user interface adheres to Array Networks familiar look-and-feel and requires little or no training.

CMX Series Centralized Management Datasheet

Centralized Management Highlights & Benefits

  • Centralize management of APV Series, AG Series and SPX Series appliances
  • Simplifies and speeds up maintenance and reduces administrative costs
  • Concurrent monitoring and configuration management of up to 100 Array Networks appliances. Quickly replicate configuration template to multiple appliances.
  • Fine or coarse grain management, manage appliances individually or by groups
  • Real time monitoring, over 30 different types of Layers 2-7 system status and traffic graphs with simultaneous views of multiple graphs for each managed device
  • Visibility to quickly identify and isolate performance problems in the application delivery network to minimize the impact on your business
  • Centralized repository for active and earlier versions of device configuration files for quick provisioning of new appliances or rollback
  • E-mail notification/alerts to help avoid downtime and facilitate rapid recovery from faults
  • Green 1U form factor appliance for data center and service provider environments where space and power are at a premium
  • Local or secure remote Web browser management interface, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Japanese language support

CMX Series Web User Interface

  • Configuration Management

    Configuration Management
    Configuration Management
    • Update, rollback or patch one or more appliances

    Standardized Configuration Files
    • Between similar appliances or appliance groups

    Central Repository for Managed Appliances
    • License keys, license expiration dates, configuration files, etc.
  • Appliance Monitoring

    Appliance Monitor
    Deep Visibility into Application Services
    • Isolate appliance, application or network problems
    • Monitor multiple graphs simultaneously

    Trending and Analysis
    • Pre-defined graphs
    • Capacity planning and bandwidth management
    • Displays up to 1 year of data
  • Loading Configuration

    Load Configuration
    Simplified Provisioning
    • Rapidly move appliances from staging to production
    • Rapidly provision new appliances
  • Management Log

    Management Log
    Log & Timestamp All Activity
    • Successful logins/failures
    • Logouts and idle session timeouts
    • Configuration store/push
    • System patch updates
    • Success/failure of an operation
    • Rolling logs of up to 20K events
  • Script Editor

    Script Editor
    Configuration Script Editor
    • Generate and execute scripts on one or more appliances

    Supports Regular Commands & Comments
    • Improves readability and documentation

    Management Templates
    • Pre-defined graphs
    • Reusable configuration scripts