Array Business Continuity Contingency Licenses

The Mobile Waters Are Fine

Available for AG Series physical and virtual appliances, Array Business Continuity (ABC) contingency licenses provide scalable and affordable burst capacity to meet the remote access demands of planned and unplanned business disruptions.

Peace of Mind to Weather Any Storm

ABC contingency licenses offer cost-effective insurance against day-to-day and large-scale business disruptions. In addition, ABC contingency licenses enable cost-effective capacity planning for businesses with seasonal or forecasted periods of burst remote access usage.

AG Series Secure Access Gateway Datasheet

Highlights & Benefits

  • Allows customers to purchase ABC contingency licenses to cost-effectively mitigate the effects of business continuity and surge usage events
  • Helps prevent revenue and productivity loss and helps prevent a tarnished reputation during events such as transit strikes, snow days, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Available in 10-day denominations, triggered by exceeding standard user licenses and may be utilized in consecutive or non-consecutive 24-hour increments
  • Scales to support up to 128,000 concurrent users on a single system
  • Ideal solution for businesses with seasonal usage patterns, such as tax firms, educational institutions or retail establishments
  • Guarantees that an entire workforce can log in simultaneously should the need arise, without IT intervention and without sacrificing security or the end-user experience
  • Proven during the New York City transit strike as well as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy
  • Available for AccessDirect, DesktopDirect and MotionPro on Array AG Series secure access gateway appliances and vxAG virtual secure access gateways
“Array Networks provided ITG with a secure remote access solution that not only facilitated uninterrupted day-to-day productivity, but provided a cost-effective solution against the effects of unplanned usage spikes. The Array AG Series appliance worked flawlessly during the New York City transit strike, and I am confident it will help us handle similar situations in the future.” - Steve Kass, Director of Global Operations, ITG
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